About Us

The Beginning

Maine Attraction Tresses offers textured clip-ins and wefts that blend seamlessly with your natural curls, coils, and kinks. Maine Attraction Tresses was created out of the need of versatility and low manipulation protective styles. Our collection offers 100% Virgin Human Hair and comes in 5 different textures as well as a variety of coverage options.

Our Story

From humble beginnings on our Founder's personal hair journey to starting Maine Attraction Tresses, our goal to offer high quality, natural hair solutions remains our top priority

Fall in love with being a natural queen!

My name is Charmaine and I am the founder and CEO of Maine Attraction Tresses. I have always been overjoyed about being a natural chick. My hair is my heritage. It is such an integral part of who I am and how I show up. 

My natural hair journey began 6 years ago. I learned to love my hair and the shrinkage after a bomb co-wash, the way my curls would pop with maximum hydration. Whew chile! I kept my hair in the protective styles I assumed were best for me- braids and really tight, sleek buns (I LOVE my sleek buns girl).

Yet, recently as I have gotten older, I have been battling traction alopecia. 

I realized I had a new problem to deal with and didn't want to put my hair in the styles that I had leaned on before. 

I love to change my hair up depending on how I am feeling.

I began researching different protective styles, and started out as a hobby turned into something I became extremely passionate about.

I found myself appreciatingmy hair a whole lot more and I felt as though I belong to a community of other natural women. All with beautiful and unique curls , coils and kinks.

Why buy from us?


Our collection offers 100% Virgin Human Hair and comes in 5 different textures as well as a variety of coverage options.


We offer luxury, natural looking hair extensions, but we also specialize in making the women that wear them feel strong, confident, and empowered.


Our responsive customer care team is always a call away. From the minute you arrive on this store to moment you get your package.


Choose from 5 hair textures that range from the silkiest straight to the kinkiest curls. We proudly offer the largest variety of hair textures and product types to meet your every need.


Founder & CEO

I challenge myself to continue to learn everyday so that I can offer the best hair solutions to all women.